Semalt Expert: How To Design Your Digital Business Effectively

According to research by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte University Press, many businesses are prepared to go online. In this study, about 44% of the persons surveyed (3700 analysts, executives and managers), made it clear that their firms were ready for the disruption of operation following the introduction of new digital ways. However, 56% of respondents did not feel ready for the digital transition and oppose the new ways.

Adopting a digital platform can mean a lot in business. For instance, some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) procedures increase your clientele base. Digitalizing your business can be a good thing for its long-term plan. Whether or not this transition will happen in your business, you need a design or kind of a picture of the long run outcome. Many issues are likely to arise, which is normal when any organization is transforming. As a result, putting clear strategies on dealing with such hitches can be an extra task, which is worth the efforts.

Max Bell, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, explains the aspects of designing successful digital business.

Design Thinking Encourages Collaboration and Innovation

When doing design model, the process involves looking for a solution using a given set of parameters the client wants. The answer is not clear, achieving it can be possible using some principles of making a conceptual collaboration between the parties which are affected by the change. For instance, when doing digital marketing, organizations might need to hire SEO experts as well as teaching their staff on a few digital marketing techniques to fetch clients. In the modern era, the majority customers come from the internet. This phenomenon means that websites are slowly replacing physical stores.

Design Thinking

Design thinking involves incorporating all aspects of an organization to work together to make a solution for something. It includes engaging different minds to look at a particular issue regarding future solutions. At one point, the ideas of different perspectives intersect giving the business a vital insight for future operations. For instance, the partnering of MU/DAI and SalesForce in fighting marine piracy.

In this regard, calling in a technology team can be a worthwhile venture. Many aspects of design as well as adapting to a digital platform require some talented and well-informed experts to deal with issues. For instance, teamwork between company executives and SEO teams can lead to the design of a good responsive website, which not only complements, but has a potential of replacing the physical shop. In this setup, design thinking is necessary since the transitioning might involve changing staff, inventory and many other aspects.


Design Thinking is a universal concept, which can help most organizations plan for their future. It enables different persons to bring in different perspectives and solutions. Design thinking can apply for very many businesses, and it is very likely that different individuals take it differently. Design thinking helps your business solve some long-term issues as well as moving from some of the existing difficulties. Changing people is difficult, but can be a worthwhile venture in some cases. Design thinking helps people get a diversified range of creative innovations as well as getting some deeper level of collaboration. Through the tips in this article, it is possible to adopt a proper design thinking process. It can be outstanding in transitioning to digital methods.

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